New KISS Jackets!

Tue, 18 Jun 2013

Kiss Jackets

“Here's KISSONLINE's exclusive sneak peak of the new KISS leather jackets being released by UD Replicas – Universal Designs Ltd.

KISS™ Themed Outerwear and Motorcycle Suits are coming your way!

UD Replicas, the licensed division of Universal Designs Ltd. announced today that they’re already hard at work creating a new line of KISS Themed Outerwear and functional Motorcycle Suits. UD Replicas, already known for their incredible designs of officially licensed character outerwear - through some of the leading brands in the entertainment industry, is now directing that same passion, attention to detail and quality produced merchandise that UD Replicas has become known for, towards one of the world's most recognizable and iconic rock bands.

UD Replicas will be producing jackets, pants, gloves, boots, belts and backpacks based on KISS’ iconic image, music and themes spanning their 40 year career. UDR’s unique ability to capture key costume elements and transform them into functional everyday wearable outerwear knows no boundaries. Simply put, the replica aspect of this outerwear line will have tribute garments designed to look as if they walked off of the stage, not as costumes mind you but fully functional, everyday wearable outerwear based on the costume designs of all 4 members of KISS. Examples of their current products can be seen at

This new line of KISS outerwear will feature incredible detail capturing various armor shapes, textures and markings of the costumes worn throughout KISS’ remarkable history. “KISS branded garments and jackets based on Gene Simmons’ evolving Demon costumes, as well as design influences taken from Paul Stanley’s wardrobe are going to be a strong focus on future releases and it won’t stop there.” Says company President David Pea. “Designs for The Catman and The Spaceman are also in the works.”

Not a biker? No problem! This KISS outerwear line is not exclusive to biker wear entirely. Cool, dynamic and easy to wear KISS licensed outerwear - with an attention to detail like never before is without question the company’s main focus here, and with an already proven track record of making impossible outerwear, possible for fans the world over…it’s safe to say that their KISS ‘Outerwear Replicas’ are going to be coolest thing we’ve seen from them yet.

KISS fans have always wanted the best, and for more than 40 years have had just that. With this UD Replicas partnership, the hottest KISS outerwear in the world is now coming your way.”


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