Dark Shadow - UDR Exclusive Jacket and Pant

Edition Size 150 Units.

Leather Jacket, Pants.

Pre-Sales open from: Nov 26th-Feb 24th 2023
Estimated Delivery: Q2 April-May-June 2023

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- Available in 3 colors! -
Leather Jacket and Pants

  • Form molded leather muscle groups in the jacket torso front, back, shoulders and biceps. Pant muscle groups in front thigh area and knees.
  • Removable CE Approved Body Armor in jacket forearms/elbow, shoulder and back spine protector.
  • Removable CE Approved Body Armor in pant sides, knees/shins.
  • Available in 3 colors: BLACK, BURGUNDY and CHARCOAL GREY.
  • Highly detailed, removable lightweight interior lining.
  • Jacket and Pants zip together at waistline (regardless of garment sizes)
  • Strong edge seaming for all visible and hidden stitch work.
  • Made from Grade A Cow Hide.
  • Quality high-end accessories
This product is available WORLDWIDE.

DARK SHADOW Motorcycle Jacket Size Chart
GARMENT measurements below are in INCHES
Measurements posted below are of the garment. Your selected garment size
must be larger than your overall body measurements

Measure your body according to the descriptions
listed in the LEFT side column, then call us for assistance
in proper garment sizing!

NOTE: Add 2 inches to YOUR chest and waist MEASUREMENTS. Then compare those NEW measurements to the Jacket Chart for proper Jacket size. BOTH your Waist and Chest MUST fit into the selected garment size.

Your Chest→ Measurement Full Around


→Jacket chest is 38 ” around →Jacket chest is 40” around →Jacket chest is 42” around →Jacket chest is 44” around →Jacket chest is 46” around →Jacket chest is 48 ” around →Jacket chest is 50” around

Your Waist Measurement Full Around

This for the bottom waistline of the jacket.


Jacket waist is 32½” around Jacket waist is 34½” around Jacket waist is 36½” around Jacket waist is 38½” around Jacket waist is 40½” around acket waist is 42½” around Jacket waist is 44½” around
JACKET BACK LENGTH 23½” 24” 24½” 25” 25½” 26” 26½”

Measure your Tip of shoulder to Tip of shoulder from the BACK


19½” 20” 20½” 21” 21½” 22” 22½”
Sleeve Length: Measure from Tip of Shoulder to Wrist Cuff

22" 22½” 23” 23½” 24” 24½” 25”

NOTE: Add 1 inch to YOUR Waist and Hips MEASUREMENTS. Then compare those NEW measurements to the Pant Chart for proper Pant Size.

Your Waist Measurement Full Around


32½" 34½" 36½" 38½" 40½" 42½" 44½"

Measure your HIPS all the way around


34½" 36½" 38½" 40½" 42½" 44½" 46½"

Measure your Inseam. Base of Groin to Ankle.


30" 30½" 31" 31½" 32" 32½" 33"
PANT SIDE LENGHT 39” 39½” 40” 40½” 41” 41½” 42”
Ankle cuff of pant 9½” 10” 10½" 11” 11½” 12" 12½"