Q. Where are you located?

Universal Designs Ltd. is in Toronto, Canada. All orders are shipped from our warehouse location here in Toronto.

Q. How do I buy your goods?

Simply select your size from the drop down menu, then select your quantity and finally click ADD TO CART.


Q. Payment Methods

Online payments can be made securely through our website by Visa, MasterCard or PayPal. 


Q. Do you offer a PAYMENT PLAN? 

All sales are final and based on existing stock.  As such there are no payment plans available.

Q. Do your Jackets or Suits have Protective Body Armor?

Yes. All of our Motorcycle jackets have removable CE Approved Body Armor in the Forearms/Elbows, Shoulders, and Back Spine Protector. Pants have removable CE Approved Body Armor in the Knees/Shins and Side Thigh Protection. Gloves feature either Anti-Skid Kevlar in the Glove Palm or Studded Palms. This depending on glove design however all details are listed in their respective product pages.

Q. Will I get an email confirming my order?

Yes, once your order is processed and confirmed you will receive an email containing your Order Confirmation. This includes all your item details as well as your order confirmation number. Please save this email as it contains vital details regarding your purchase. Your Order Confirmation is sent to the email address that you enter in your order so please be sure that it is correct and up to date. If you have email spam blockers or other similar software, please check to be sure your order confirmation from Universal Designs Ltd. has not been flagged. You will also receive a separate email from PayPal confirming your purchase through their system, OR if paying by Credit Card, your monthly statement will include your purchase.

Q. I have a Retail Store, can I order Wholesale?

For all Wholesale enquiries please call us direct at 905-751-1556.

Q. Duties, Taxes/VAT and Import Fees?

Please note that all goods are shipped from our location in Toronto, Canada.

Canada Deliveries:
Canadian customers will pay all applicable taxes based on their ship to location/Province.

USA Deliveries:
All goods sold through www.udreplicas.com to the USA will have the appropriate 'Duties & Taxes' added to their shopping cart. In doing so, this will eliminate all Brokerage Fees and there will be no further charges required upon receipt of goods. Furthermore, this will eliminate the need for US Customs to contact each US resident in advance prior to delivery. Once your purchase is made and confirmed there will be NO further customs, duties, brokerage fees or taxes required to be paid upon receipt of your goods.

Overseas Deliveries:
All goods shipping to any country outside of Canada or the USA may be subjected to their own duties and taxes for goods being imported into their respective countries. These fees are not additional shipping costs nor are they in any way payments to or for Universal Designs Ltd.. Once you have your order confirmation, that is proof that shipping has been paid accordingly and in full, so there are no other outstanding fees to be paid to Universal Designs Ltd..

Q. If I buy now, when will I receive my goods?

All proposed delivery dates are listed on each product page.

Proposed Delivery Dates indicate the time that goods will be SHIPPED OUT within.  This means that goods may ship out from our warehouse up until and including the last day of a given quarter.

1st Quarter (Q1) = January-February-March

2nd Quarter (Q2) = April-May-June

3rd Quarter (Q3) = July-August-September

4th Quarter (Q4) = October-November-December

Product is advertised for Annual Quarter Deliveries, and while we strive to deliver within that time frame, due to the complex nature of our goods this 'may' cause a short delay in completing product for a proposed quarterly delivery. While we do have an excellent track record for goods delivered within our proposed delivery dates, from time to time some delays may occur. In this unlikely event, please note that we always put quality first! We treat each and every product and order as if it were our very own, so quality will always come before speed of production.

Furthermore, Universal Designs Ltd. only produces garments and accessories in the accumulative sold totals and does not operate as a clearance stock house so it is the buyers responsibility to double check the related size charts before ordering. In other words, all goods are MADE TO ORDER!

Proposed delivery dates may vary from product to product.

Q. How do I contact you?

For product descriptions, sizing help, garment construction, deliveries and all other general information regarding our goods please contact David Pea at 905-751-1556. 
Questions can be emailed from the CONTACT PAGE here on the website through the CONTACT SALES DEPARTMENT email window, but due to our high volume of daily emails we encourage phoning in with your questions.

EXISITING CUSTOMERS: For any questions pertaining to your order, meaning payments, change of address, delivery updates or anything relating to your purchase please contact Rimma through the CONTACTS PAGE. Please include your full name as it appears in your order, your phone number and ORDER CONFIRMATION number together with the nature of your question and use the CONTACT PROCESSING DEPARTMENT email window.

Q. How do I know what Size I need?

Sizing is the single most important aspect of your purchase. Each product has its own SIZE chart, and the different garment dimensions are posted within.

Please take your measurements based on the descriptions listed in the size chart and call us with your measurements. We'll go through sizing together, and based on the details you give us we will not let you buy the wrong size.

Otherwise please note that you must follow the instructions listed in the size charts for selecting the proper sized garment.  Failure to do so may result in goods too small or very tight fitting at best.

Please Note: Do not use Garment Sizes! For example your pant size does NOT equal your waist measurement.  Same with our Boot Size Charts, you are asked to measure YOUR FOOT LENGTH.  Do not base boot sizing off of your standard boot size.  We can only work off of your body measurements so do make sure to measure accordingly, then call us to go over your order. 905-751-1556

Q. What if my goods don't fit? Do you offer Returns or Exchanges?

Universal Designs Ltd. does not accept any returns or exchanges on goods delivered as per your order confirmation so please be sure to double check our size chart and phone in to ensure you receive your desired garment size prior to placing your order, as there will be no returns or exchanges of any kind. It is the buyers responsibility to take proper measurements of his/her body and to do so following the descriptions on our website. We encourage all buyers to call us at 905-751-1556 with their measurements to double check sizing prior to ordering, which will ensure a proper fit.

Q. Do you sell and ship worldwide?

Yes! Currently ALL products are available for WORLDWIDE Sales and Distribution.

It is the customer's responsibility to be aware of any merchandise restrictions for their local area or country. As such, all associated return shipping fees, customs reentry and a restocking fee will be charged if an order was refused at the port of entry or by the customer at delivery.